In today's competitive environment, companies throughout the world are competing to win the war for talent.  Investing in top executives is the most critical decision for every business.

By following our tried, tested and proven process, we get to the heart of your business.  Piedmont is passionate about finding the best individuals available, and continuously strive to be the search firm of choice.

Piedmont leverages long-standing relationships at the most senior level to extend its reach across borders and across industry sectors.  Success is driven by deep relationships, combined with a detailed understanding of each client's business and its culture.

2001 was a significant year for Piedmont, heralding the beginning of an exciting new strategic focus on the Middle East.  For over 12 years now Piedmont has continued to develop its deep relationships with firms operating in this region.

And finally, Piedmont is more efficient and more effective.  We provide a tailored and targeted service coupled with an unparalleled success  rate.  Clients are able to hire their first choice candidate 90% of the time.