Our complete understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the position you wish to search for must precede a successful search. This goes beyond what is written in a pro forma job description. We identify and prioritise the major expectations held by a client and their organisation.

To achieve this understanding, we arrange for intensive discussions with client management and other key designated individuals. In consultation and collaboration with a client, we then develop the qualification of the individual desired and prepare a written position specification. We have found that the investment of this time and effort at the start of our search activities ensures that the best possible candidates are targeted, surfaced and recommended for the position.

In most searches, this process also gives us a full view of the personality and style of the organisation and the individuals with whom the successful candidate will interface. We are fully aware that matching the personality and stature of the individual to the company is an extremely significant factor in that person’s success in a business.

Our Methodology follows these basic tenets: